Specialized Insurance Products

With its extensive reach across the global reinsurance markets, Phoenix Assurance Group is able to provide for very specialized and unique insurance products for its customers. Whether its an underground mining risk or a Pollution Liability Cover or Directors and Officer’s Liability Insurance, the technical team in Phoenix Assurance Group will be able to find the product for you.

In all the countries we operate we have made a mark in the markets as a specialized insurer offering unique and custom made products.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

This policy provides for compensation in case of any loss a company suffers due to the actions taken by the Officer and Directors of the Company in the discharge of their duties. The policy covers defense costs, as well as damages. All Officers and Directors can be covered under the policy.

Commercial Pollution Legal Liability

Commercial Pollution Legal Liability (Commercial PLL) insurance is our broadest pollution liability form. While site liability is a crucial coverage in managing risk, many off-site exposures can result in large claims against your business. The Commercial PLL can mitigate the risks of a client’s universe of pollution liability including transportation exposures, contracting exposures, non-owned disposal sites and other miscellaneous off-site exposures.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

In a professional occupation there is a strong possibility that errors happen in the course of one’s duty. Professional indemnity insurance protects if one suffers a financial loss through the discharge of any professional duty.

Advance Loss of Profit Insurance

This is a specialized policy available for select industries and sectors. This covers all delays in the project implementation and the related costs of the delays, if the delay is caused by a peril, which is insured in the regular project insurance. This policy is sold in conjunction with a Contractors All Risks or other Project Insurances

Phoenix Assurance Group has been a pioneer in the aviation business especially in the East Africa. It has experience of covering large fleet of commercial airlines as well as individual aircrafts.

We are one of the very few underwriters with a treaty to write Aviation business. We also have several agreements in place with leading aviation brokers to cater for a large fleet/risk which is outside the treaty.

Aviation Hull Insurance

This covers the body (hull) against named perils. All types of aircrafts – from single engine to jumbo jets can be covered under this insurance.

Aviation Liability Insurance

This provides the cover for Third Party Liability risks, including passenger liabilities.

Takaful Insurance

This is the latest trend in mutual insurance that is gaining popularity all over the world. Phoenix Assurance Group is the first underwriter to introduce this new concept in the Southern African markets. Phoenix Assurance Zambia has introduced a Takaful window in 2014 and has been very successful in introducing this system of insurance in the country.

Under this concept of insurance the premiums are pooled into one account and the underwriting profits generated from the business is given back to the policy holders after deducting for expenses and reserves.

Phoenix Assurance Group will be introducing this concept in other countries in a phased manner.

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