Personal Insurances

Phoenix Assurance Group’s Personal Insurance portfolio consists of products, which are carefully designed to ensure a complete protection of the assets and liabilities for an individual.

All the products can be enhanced further by adding select clauses and conditions to suit the individual requirements.

Motor Comprehensive Insurance

Motor Comprehensive Insurance also known as Own Damage insurance covers damages to your motor vehicle following an accident, fire, flood and malicious damage. It also covers the theft of the vehicle and the third party liability arising out of the use of the vehicle. The geographical can be extended to cover additional geographies.

Phoenix Assurance Group has a wide network of garages and other service providers where clients can take their vehicles for repairs and avail cashless service.

Motor Third Party Insurance

Motor Third Party Insurance is mandatory for all the vehicles plying in most countries. Driving a vehicle, in these countries, without the mandatory motor third party Insurance certificate is illegal and a punishable offence..

This insurance provides for compensation to third party persons and property in the event of any loss due to the use of the insured vehicle. Compensation is only for the third parties and not for the own vehicle.

In case of an accident, Phoenix Assurance Group strongly urges to report the matter immediately to the nearest police station and to nearest office of the Phoenix Assurance Group. Do not admit liability or any compensation without the written instructions from Phoenix Assurance Group office.

Homeowners Insurance (Domestic Package)

This policy covers the normal perils associated with a home. Different sections cover the building and the contents against fire and allied perils, burglary, housebreaking and earthquake. The All-Risks Section covers the valuables against a variety of risks. Domestic servants can be covered under Workers Compensation Insurance section and the Public Liability section offers cover for any Third Party damages.

The underwriting is simple and requires a proposal form to be completed giving full details of the home to be insured.

Sailing Boats and Pleasure Crafts Insurance

In line with Marine Hull insurance, this covers the small pleasure crafts and sailing boats usually moored in marines. Theft of parts is also covered.

Personal Accident Insurance

Phoenix Assurance Group’s Personal Accident Insurance covers an individual against accidental death, disability (total and partial) and medical expenses following an accident. The coverage is for 24 hours and covers anywhere in the world.

All Risks Insurance

This is a policy, which covers all perils, except those, which are specifically excluded in the policy. Portable and valuable items like camera, watches, jewellery, etc. are particularly covered under this policy. Coverage is available for the country of domicile or for extended geographies as per the request of the client.

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